And so it begins…

I have been called a lot of things in my thirty two years of age, but only recently the “bookaholic” term came into being. And so, I became the all time known book lover with who my friends are acquainted. This blog intends but nothing else than express what I do think about the books I read. And, I do read a lot of them.

My favorite literary period spreads around the 17th, 18th and 19th century. However, I do read a vast more, and not only in English so I’ll be posting other books comments here from which will vary from poetry, through non-fictional, to fiction or whatever may appear in my hands. Nonetheless, my heart is truly set on that period, even more with Jane Austen.

I came across some of her novel’s sequels and I must say I was quiet happy overall. Therefore, I created this space so I could, within my taste and knowledge of literary works, express my opinion about them. I do not intend to help sales or whatever commercial purpose they may seek. They are worth for themselves. My pure intention is just tell to whom it may interest, what those books are to me. I will be commenting on structure, language, theme, plot, characters, motivations, quality, good taste and whatever I think it will be worth the trouble of mentioning.

So, I’ll start by posting a personal book’s review every time I end a reading. That is my promise. Hope I’ll incite you to read the books, to create new worlds and who knows, your own novels.

Hope to see your comments soon,

Carolina Cordeiro


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